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Terms of Trade


We request that you pay for treatment on the day.

We accept cheque, cash, eftpos or credit card payment.

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How long should a restoration/ filling last?

Due to the complex nature of dentistry we cannot guarantee that after placing a restoration the tooth will not need any further treatment.

How long a filling will last is dependent on a number of factors many of them not within the dentist's control.

• Pre existing state of the tooth

• How large the filling is

• How deep the filling is and how near the nerve of the tooth it is

• What material has been used

• How clean the filling and mouth is kept afterwards

• What the tooth bites against

Obviously we stand by the quality of our work.



If you are unhappy about the quality of the service or how you have been treated at Just Teeth we ask you to contact Petrina (Practice Manager) on 03 357 2020 to discuss what has happened and how we may rectify the situation.